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IS mercenaries deprived him of fulfilling his dream

AL-HASAKAH- He has been deprived of his dream, leaving his home with his family, because of the cruel practices that he and his family could not stand, they went to the camp of the al-Holl for safety in the hope of achieving his dream.

Jasim Muhammed al-Shibli, a 11-year-old resident of al-Mayadeen, went with his family to al-holl camp after being impatient with his brutality IS mercenaries and his practices against the people, as well as depriving Muhammad of his dream of becoming a doctor after the IS mercenaries closed his school and other schools in his city and make them military headquareters.

Jassim and his friends were forced by IS mercenaries to go to school which turned into a center IS mercenaries for learning against morality and logic. Other children were forced to take up arms and were asked IS mercenaries to kill some prisoners, as he said.

The Hawar news agency met with Jasim, who spoke about  IS mercenaries practices and how they prevented children from playing in the street, such as football and others where the children who are disciplined are drawn to the so-called Hesbah, which teaches lessons to those who sin according to IS mercenaries which punish people who make faults.

Jassem said how al-Hesba came while playing in the street with his comrades in the neighborhood, but managed to escape from them on the grounds that he would go and bring his friend who was playing with him too.

According to the child Jassem Muhammed, IS mercenaries tried repeatedly to lure him money to be one of the caliphates’ cubs, but he managed to access them and reach the camp of al-Holl a month before being recruited within IS mercenaries.