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IS mine kills 2 children, wounds another

SERÊ KANÎYÊ- Two children lost their lives and the child Yasser Khalaf, at 12 got seriously wounded in the result of blasting a mine planted by IS mercenaries in Kalta village that is 30 km east of al-TabqaSRK-DI-ENCAMA-TEQINA-MAINEKE-DE-ZAROKEK-BIRINDAR-BU ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

On Tuesday, an IS’ mercenaries mine blasted in Kalta village and resulted in wounding the child Yasser Khalaf who is at 12 with serious injuries and killing other two children. Yasser was taken to Roj Hospital in Serê Kanîyê by his family as he is receiving medical treatment now. Moreover, according to the medical staff in the hospital, the child Yasser’s situation is unstable and critical.

Other two children lost their lives

Yasser’s family stated that other two children lost their lives during the mine blast, and one of them called Hammad Abd Rabbu who is 12 years old while the other’s name is unknown.