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IS outstanding leaders killed in Mosul

NEWS DESK– the Pentagon declared that two IS outstanding leaders were killed in an air raid the global coalition launched on Mosul.

Peter Cook the official spokesperson of the Department of Defense said in a statement that the coalition’s forces launched an air raid against two of IS military leaders on June 25 near Mosul in Iraq, leaving them dead.

The spokesperson pointed out that in the air raid, deputy of IS war minister Muhammad Ahmad Sultan Bajjari was killed, in addition to a military commander of the mercenaries in Mosul called Hatim Talib Hamdouni.

Bajari was a former member of Qaeda and has joined IS, and he supervised the attacks on Mosul in June 2014, he also led the battalion” Army of Dabiq” famous for using bombed cars loaded with homemade bombs, suicide bombers, and mustard gas in its attacks.

Cook added” eliminating these terrorist commanders from battlefields paves the way for the Iraqi forces to free Mosul completely supported by the international coalition”.