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IS remnants threaten people’s lives

AL-RAQQA- The people of hundreds of villages in al-Raqqa countryside were happy for their villages’ liberation, but what IS mercenaries have left; mines and bombs in the villages and hamlets threaten the civilians’ lives and worry dozens of them.

Although the special organizations of dismantling mines continue dismantling the mines in the villages, towns and hamlets while the organizations could no longer remove the mines rapidly because of the expanded liberated geography and the big amount of mines left by IS.

The mercenaries planted mines in civilians’ houses and roads before fleeing the villages of al-Raqqa to blast then at the civilians while returning to their villages and houses after their liberation by SDF.

Some people fear mines as they did not enter their houses after liberation and they are inhabiting under the shadow of a tree or in a tent.

Fearing planted mines, the children’s movements are restricted to small spaces and are not enjoying playing with each other.

The engineering teams work continuously to dismantle the mines in the villages, hamlets and towns of al-Raqqa while some areas have not been cleared of mines yet.

According to one of the administrative members of Roj Organization for Mine Action “RAMCO” in Ain Issa town, three civil organizations are working in al-Raqqa which are RAMCO, Maj and Titra Tek. Moreover, the most powerful organization in north of Syria is RAMCO Organization.

23 sites including villages, hamlets, fields and establishments have been cleared of mines while other 10 fields are being cleared by RAMCO Organization’s teams.

The administration added “there is a special apartment for receiving reports about places of mines. Moreover, the outreach team of the organization publishes awareness bulletins among people to avoid approaching the mines.

The citizen Hassen Jum’aa al-Baroud from al-Hayat village that is 20 km northern of al-Raqqa has 8 children and they were liberated by SDF and taken to Ain Issa Camp. Hassan and his family and relatives returned to the villages after it has been cleared. Hassen’s house was booby-trapped by IS, but he disclosed that when he has entered his house for the first time.

Hassen demanded the groups to dismantle the mines in the house but the groups have not responded to him yet.

Hassen said “we are living under the shadow of this tree because we could not enter our houses which are planted by mines of IS”.

Hassen thanked everybody who takes the responsibility of dismantling mines, and he wished them to try to remove mines in his home and other houses as soon as possible”

Their daily life

Hassen’s family live under the shadow of a tree to protect themselves from the high temperature of the sun at night, they sleep in a tractor that belongs to on the village’s citizen.