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IS targeting civilians, SDF vows revenge 

NEWS DESK- The Syrian Democratic Forces General Command stated that IS gangs having committed a massacre against Manzil village residents on April 5, they have shelled Safsafah al-Sharqiyah and refugees’ tents leaving dozens wounded, the general command said that these massacres are a clear indication of the mercenaries’ weakness, and a reaction to the civilians’ strong will who refused to acquiesce in being used as human shields, vowing to revenge and put an end to terrorism.

The SDF General Command released a statement to the public opinion about the massacres IS is committing against civilians in the countryside of al-Raqqa, the statement is:

IS gangs committed on April 5 a hideous massacre in Manzil village which is 25 km north of al-Raqqa leaving 7 martyrs, this came after the village’s people refused using them as human shields in the terrorists’ battles.

Having been dealt strong blows by SFD fighters and insisting on their barbarity, they continued their brutal acts against innocent civilians and targeted them in al-Safsafah al-Sharqiyah village with mortars, which resulted in wounding dozens of people.

We assure that our distressed people who would not acquiesce in terrorists do believe that SDF fighters are their own children, our people have adopted the path of sacrifice and patriotism instead which is an evidence of their refusal to surrender.

We as sons and daughters of this struggling people, we vow to be protectors of this country, and to go on fighting terrorism wherever it existed, the end of terror will be on sons and daughters of Syria.