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IS used children as spies



AL-RAQQA- The citizen (NH) who is at 35 from Deir ez-Zor and displaced to al-Tabqa city with her parents 15 years ago narrated the happenings that took place when IS occupied the city.

The citizen (NH) did not disclose her name and face in order to save herself as some of her family’s members are still in IS-held regions.

The citizen (NH) stated that when IS’ mercenaries entered al-Tabqa city, the civilians’ lives have been turned upside down as they used religion to insure that the civilians would not rebel against them. (NH) added “IS’ mercenaries said to the civilians that they would not ruin the country, rather they would reform it using Islam, but they used Islam as a tool to perform their filthy schemes.

Due to (NH) old age and her parents’, the mercenaries of IS prevented her from exiting alone under the pretext that she has not a Mahram so she remained blocked in addition to wearing a veil and black clothes.

IS used children for spying on people

The citizen (NH) said “IS’ mercenaries were using little children who are between 8-13 years old to spy on the civilians by giving them a sum of money and putting a voice recording device in their pockets”.

The citizen (NH) also stated that she hated IS so much due to their inhuman rules and practices against the civilians especially women. Moreover, IS’ mercenaries spied on (NH) by sending a child from the neighborhood to ask her if she likes IS or not. Whenever (NH) responded by saying no, IS’ mercenaries deprived her of the simplest rights like exiting outside and starving her and the civilians. In addition to that, she has been prisoned for a month and three days and blindfolded and remained without food for 4 days.

3 of her families’ members were victims of Eid al-Adha

(NH) also said “in the morning of Eid al-Adha, the mercenaries took 3 of my uncle’s sons and blindfolded their eyes and then slaughtered them under the pretext that they are Eid al-Adha’s sacrifices as they are cooperating with the Syrian regime”.

For al-Tabqa liberation, she would fast 9 day

The citizen (NH) added “as al-Tabqa would be wholly liberated and we would get rid of IS’ mercenaries, I vowed a promise of fasting 9 days successively. In addition to that, we would dance in circles”.