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ISIS commander linked to Charlie Hebdo killed

NEWS DESK- An ISIS commander linked to the attacks that targeted the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015 was killed.kustina-mezineki-ceteye-daise-2

American officials pointed out that the so-called Abu Baker al-Hakim was killed in the Syrian city of al-Raqqa in November 26 in a drone air raid, al-Hakim is supposed to have played a role in the attacks mercenaries launched on Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Al-Hakim is at 33, a French of Tunisian origins, and directed the two brothers who shot cartoonist in the French magazine in January 2015 according to Sputnik agency.

Charlie Hebdo lost a number of its prominent editors, when Sharif and Saied Kowashi, heavily armed, broke into a meeting of the editors and killed 12 persons and wounded 11 others.

The mercenary Abu Baker al-Hakim was arrested in Syria and deported to France, and in 2008, he was convicted and had a 7-year sentence to be released then in 2011.