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ISIS mercenaries killed her husband and whipped her 


KOBANI- A woman forced to leave her home due to ISIS acts narrated her tragic story when the mercenaries killed her husband and tortured her till no other ways were left except for escaping ISIS-held regions towards the liberated regions by SDF.

Amal Steyf al-Adil at 37 from al-Raqqa city, has 3 children; a boy and 2 girls, she used to reside in ISIS-held al-Raqqa city for 3 years till she was forced to leave the city after the mercenaries killed her husband Awad al-Nazal who was 38 in August 11, 2015. After torturing him for 45 successive days, Awad was beheaded in a public square in the city of al-Raqqa.

Amal expressed her sorrow at losing her husband and said with eyes filled with tears” we are fed up with this oppression, what wrong did my three-year daughter do to search for her father and would not find him, what wrong did we as civilians do to live all this misery, to be homeless and forced to displace from our houses”.

Amal expatiated on her story “we could not live in peace, as ISIS mercnearies would attack our houses and would fabricate excuses to imprison my husband and force us to leave, till they arrested my husband and tortured him then he beheaded for dealing with the Syrian regime, and we could not live in peace after killing my husband and his brother, as ISIS continued attacking our houses calling us apostate and must be killed to scare us and force us to leave.

Amal assured that women have suffered the most from ISIS mercenaries and said” women were deprived of their basic rights and barbarically tortured, and I was one of them, when ISIS learned about a pack of cigarettes in my house, I was whipped a hundred times.

Amal explained that ISIS mercenaries occupying al-Raqqa all have come from abroad, where they would torture residents and kill them using different physical and moral methods of violence.

Amal went on describing the way they fled” we left at night and sneaked for 2 days through villages till my children, my husband’s family and I managed to reach the liberated regions by SDF, where they delivered to Ain Issa camp for al-Raqqa refugees.

Amal said that after escaping ISIS and living in peace under SDF, they could sleep without worrying about anything unlike the bloodshed we used to witness under ISIS.

Amal Steyf al-Adil appealed to SDF to liberate al-Raqqa city and save its residents from ISIS oppression.