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Istanbul Summit ends with statements without actual results

NEWS DESK- Istanbul Summit on Jerusalem ended without any practical understandings, but only by the statements of participants, especially Erdogan, who wanted, according to observers, to top the column of defenders of Jerusalem even though he makes strong relations with Israel.

Turkish President Erdogan called for an emergency summit of leaders of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, on the American decision to admit Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The London-based al-Arab newspaper reported on the atmosphere of the summit held in Istanbul yesterday, which reduced the participation of the participating countries, where Riyadh sent a Saudi Foreign Ministry official to attend the Istanbul Summitand Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri represented his country.

The newspaper quoted observers that Erdogan wanted from this summit to top a column of defenders of the Palestinian cause, although he maintains strong relations with Israel, and this is a great contradiction, as it was imposed by the Turkish President to cut this relationship as a step to show good faith in uniting the Islamic position on the issue.

The summit, which was attended by princes, presidents and foreign ministers of 48 Islamic and Arab countries, did not come out of the process with statements of denunciation, condemnation and intimidation that would affect US President Donald Trump and force him to back off his decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel or at least modify it.

Analysts say the US president is likely to back off from Arab and Muslim pressure, but he may have to change his attitude on the declaration of East Jerusalem, which was occupied by Israel in 1967 and including in 1980 as a future capital of Palestine.

The League of Arab States, at a meeting last weekend, held an oral condemnation in which Washington called for the cancellation of its decision on Jerusalem.

Trump’s decision last Wednesday to admit Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a wave of international condemnation and widespread protests in the Palestinian territories, killing four people and injuring hundreds in the confrontations.