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Jaish al-Thuwar foiled a mercenaries’ infiltration, killed 5 mercenaries

AL-SHAHBA- Jaish al-Thuwar (Rebels’ Army) fighters foiled a Turkish mercenaries attack and infiltration to Tal Madiq village, and inflicted the mercenaries vast damage. Moreover, the mercenaries intensively bombarded al-Shahba liberated villages.

Hawar news agency reporter in al-Shahba areas stated that the Turkish mercenary gangs resumed their attack on Om Housh, Tal Jijan, Tal Madiq and Jabal Nayef villages and targeted them with mortars, artillery shelling, tanks, Dushka and missile launchers at 19:00 on Saturday The mercenaries also attempted to approach Jaish al-Thuwar points aiming for dominating the fighters’ sites.

While Jaish al-Thuwar fighters repelled the mercenaries using heavy weapons, and strong clashes broke out between Jaish al-Thuwar and the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries.

During the clahes, one of the mines that was planted by the mercenaries blasted on the mercenaries themselves near Tal Madiq village, and Jaish al-Thuwar fighters blasted other 4 mines.

After that, the mercenaries bombarded Arfad (Tal Rif’at), Harbal, Qawl Saroj, Hassieh, Hissajek, al-Wardiyeh, Gernata, Om al-Qura, Hassin, Halisa and Mazare’ Wahshiyeh with missile launchers and artillery, and more than 300 shells fell on these villages.

The fighters also targeted the mercenaries’ sites in Tal Maled and Twaihineh villages southeast Mare’ town, and they targeted a Turkish mercenaries gathering in Twais village.

Quoting from military sources, the clashes that erupted between Jaish al-Thuwar and the Turkish mercenaries resulted in killing 5 mercenaries while local sources stated that the death toll is even higher. In addition, many weapons and ammunition were destroyed by the fighters.

So the mercenaries’ bombardment inflicted vast damage to the civilians’ possessions and crops in al-Shahba towns and villages. Moreover, al-Shahba towns and areas is witnessing a relative calm.

In addition, Jaish al-Thuwar would release a statement about the mercenaries’ attack details, and foiling the attack by their forces.