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Jaish al-Thuwar repels attacks, wounds 9 mercenaries

AL-SHAHBA- 9 Turkish army mercenaries were wounded as Jaish al-Thuwar ( Army of Rebels) repelled an attack on al-Shahba regions villages.

Turkish occupation army mercenaries positioned at al-Rai town and Tel Maled and Toyace villages launched an attack on Monday at 20:00 on al-Shahba, Hasiyah, Om Hosh, Zoyan, Herba, and Shiekh Issa with heavy weaponry and mortars.

Our reporter from the region stated that Jaish al-Thuwar thwarting the attack, clashes broke out and lasted till late hour of the night, also 9 mercenaries were wounded in Zoyan village.

Turkish army mercenaries are launching a wide range of attacks on al-Shahba villages which were liberated from IS earlier, observers perceive that the Turkish occupations aims at connecting Azaz region to Idlib city and imposing another siege on Aleppo city.