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Jaysh al-Thuwar Special Forces’ first course of training concludes

SHAHBA – At the Martyr Neîm Şêx (Sheikh) Academy of Jaysh al-Thuwar forces, a ceremony was held for the first training session for special forces.SEHBA-BIDAWIKIRINA-DEWRAYE-TAYEPET-A-JAEYSH-ALSWAR (5)

At the closing ceremony, commanders of Jaysh al-Thuwar and the Revolutionary Forces from the Shahba Canton were also present.

The 22 fighters participated in the education cycle named Martyr Xebat, where fighters received military and intellectual courses.

At the closing ceremony, a military ceremony was organized by the fighters who completed their training.

Subsequently, a military oath ceremony was held for the fighters and a brief exercise was held by the fighters for demonstration purposes.SEHBA-BIDAWIKIRINA-DEWRAYE-TAYEPET-A-JAEYSH-ALSWAR (9)

Jaysh al-Thuwar commanders Dilşêr Idlib and Omer al-Asr, who spoke at the ceremony, celebrated the fighters who completed their training.

After the speeches, the ceremony ended with Dîlan (Kurdish Folkloric Dance).

The academy is named after Neîm Şêx (Ebu Ramî), who was martyred in the resistance against ISIS gangs in the village of Xerîsa of Homs on October 31, 2016.