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Jihan Muhammad considers Astana congress incomplete


AFRIN- The deputy of Foreign Relations Body head in Afrin canton Jihan Muhammad considered Astana congress an incomplete one, and she assured that they are not ready to adhere to any decisions by it.

The deputy of Foreign Relations Body head Jihan Muhammad stated in an interview with our agency that sponsoring parties of Astana congress are striving to solidify their interests in Syria.

And Jihan Muhammad talked about the obstacles that Turkey puts them before Democratic Forces participation in any negotiations to solve the Syrian crisis saying “The congress started by inviting the extremist chauvinist military commanders to the congress headed by Muhammad Aloush who is one of the affiliates of Jabhet al-Nusra, and pushing away the active Democratic Forces on land.

Astana is an incomplete congress and would not succeed

Jihan Muhammad said that Astana congress represents only the international interests away from the Syrian people interests. Muhamad added ” we would not adhere to any decision made by the congress “, and continued “the congress where the Democratic Forces and the active forces on land were absent, it would be incomplete and would not succeed, rather, it is doomed to fail.

The federalism project will expand

Jihan Muhammad assured that the federal is the suitable solution for Syrian crisis because it unifies all the existing components. So we will continue in our project.

Jihan concluded assuring that any negotiation should be taking place in a democratic atmosphere in order to reach a real solution for the Syrian crisis which is