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Jinology is taught at Afrin high schools 

FIDAN ABDULLAH- HAMREEN SEIKHOefrin-metryala-jinoloji-3

AFRIN- Syllabus Preparation committee has worked on writing a book called Jinology(a term established by Abdullah Ocalan meaning women science ), which is taught in the secondary level in the canton’s schools, 2,000 copies of the book are available now for students in Kurdish while the Arabic version will be ready by next year.

With the beginning of the term in Afrin canton, Education and Pedagogy Committee for Democratic Community has worked on introducing a new book into the syllabus at the secondary level.

The eventful content of Jinology book includes revelations about written history, how and when did women lose their active role in the community for the first time.

In addition to that, women history dating back to 12 thousand BC is considered, women had lived in the natural community where women creativity prevailed, set up the bases of ethics and community, led agriculture revolution, and were the first goddesses. Women liberation ideology is considered a new beginning for setting up life principles which women have worked on creating in order to get rid of the controlling masculine mentality.efrin-metryala-jinoloji-4

Jinology also touches upon universe creation, humanities, philosophy and religions, the book also studies culture, customs, primitive traditions of the universe, and fighting the fanatic masculine mentality, and particularly stressing on equal, free, and collective lifestyles.

This course is given twice a week by 15 teachers appointed by the Education and Pedagogy Committee for Democratic Community to students in high schools where students number reaches 1,626 including 200 Arab ones.

Hawar news agency held interviews to learn more about this subject and giving it for the first time in Afrin canton.


Berivan Muhamad an executive in Syllabus Preparation Committee talked about the subject and said” we have strived to teach a course that reveals the truth and history of women, so the more women learn about their characteristics, the more they become confident, and will obtain the power of liberating themselves more, so we prepared this subject and included it in this term, the book is also being translated into the Arabic language”.

About qualifying teachers to give this course, Berivan said that they have trained special staff for this task where the subject will be given in the form of dialogues and discussions.


While Jinology teacher Ahin Hasan said” we have received intensive training for 3 months by staff of the Education and Pedagogy Committee for Democratic Community in the academy of Martyr Zozan in the canton, students first had a difficulty in understanding the subject because of its rich information, later more interactivity was witnessed and students began to make discussions and liked the subject.


Aminah Joid from the Arabic component said” in the beginning we knew nothing about the subject and we perceived it as difficult, but now we have a clearer vision of it and we have learnt about the true essence of women and their role in society.


Amina Jawish also from the Arabic component said” we have received good knowledge of women history and through this subject, the significant role of women came to light in bringing about a renaissance in the whole community, and clarifying women role in raising generations” Fatima also added” it is an interesting subject, and it is concerned with women issues in particular but would not neglect men’s, men should be aware of this fact”.


Fulla Suleiman said” after studying this course, we have learnt much about women representation in the community, and the way collective and free life is solidified in the community.



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