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Jinolojî Center: victory, achievement of women revolution in Manbij


MANBIJ- The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Manbij Democratic Autonomous Administration Zainap Qanber commented on the initiative opening Jinolojî Studies Center (Women’s Science; according to the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan) in the city of Manbij, Qanber said “Women’s Science granted women change, who are the base of life and society since she is the society’s corner stone.”

Zainap Qanber pointed out “opening the center for us as women of Manbij is a step of success, victory, and a fruit of the revolution that we launched; free women’s revolution, and a fulfillment of the promises we made to ourselves to make the 21st century the women’s freedom century.”

Zainap went on “Jinolojî Science; women’s science is the science of life that grants women change since they are the corner stone of life and society, as when we change in our essence, we go back to the true woman who drew history in her productions.”

Zainap Qanber added “hand in hand, man and woman toward a democratic, cooperative, plural society, as cooperative work starts between the man and women from home, work, another embodiment is the co-chairs system of institutions and communes.

“Women marginalization will not contribute to solidifying freedom bases, on this basis, we must prepare ourselves for the next stage, we said that revolution if foundation and construction of others and getting rid of terrorism, but we must build on firm grounds to ensure removing all remains of the centralized hierarchal authority.” Said Qanber.

Jinolojî Studies center has been opened on January 2nd as the first step to present women’s studies and ensure their active participation in the society including all life domains.