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“Jinolojî would be solution to outstanding issues”

QAMIŞLO- The participants from Afrin region of the first conference of Jinolojî in North Syria have noted that Jinolojî is a science of women that includes women and life and in the personality of free women will solve social issues and consider that the conference is another victory added to the victories achieved by women in northern Syria.

In this context, Hawar news agency met with participants from the Afrin region in the first conference in the North Syria held in Dêrik under the slogan ” Jinolojî illuminates the reality of society in the vanguard of women.”

The administrator of women in Shahba Canton Council Jihan Hessen said “in the 1st conference of the Jinolojî is a place of pride and congratulated the conference to the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan, which confirmed that the product of the thought and philosophy of the leader, Jihan considered this victory another added to the achievements of women in the revolution in north of Syria by their will by organizing themselves in society.”

In the same context, director of Jinolojî Commission in Afrin canton Dijla Haider highlighted the difference between women’s Jinolojî science and women’s movements that have not reached the level of women’s liberation from society  “Feminism, which is one of the women’s movements in society, began in France, The movement was not enough to free women from the constraints of society because they were empty of content, but the Jinolojî is the science that embraces women and life and is valuable value, that is when we say a Jinolojî, it means correcting life in the personality of free women.