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July 19th Festival initiated with a parade in Kobanî

KOBANÎ- As the Kobanî, Cizîre and Girê Sipî (Tel Abyad) delegations reached the celebration square, the events of the July 19th Festival have been initiated at the Şehîd Xebat Square in Kobanî city by performing a military parade by YPG and YPJ fighters. KOBANE-FESTIVALA-MIHRECANE-DESTPEKIR ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The events of the festival have been launched with a solemn military parade by 200 YPG and YPJ fighters.

The delegations of the Democratic Autonomous Admêêinistration in Cîzire canton included: the Legislative Council’s head Hakam Khilo, the Co-chair of Pedagogy and Education Body Saleh Abdo, in addition to DAA and TEV-DEM’s delegations from Girê Sipî and the MSD’s Co-chair Ilham Ahamd, the Co-chair of the Constituent Council for the North Syria Democratic Federal System Hadiya Yousef, and a delegation of DAA from Manbij headed by Farouq al-Mashi and Zainab Qanbara.

In addition to that, a vast participation of the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units was seen.

The celebrations continue as the revolutionary songs were played and rings were formed by people dancing.