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Justice and Conscience sit-in entered its 2nd day in Istanbul

NEWS DESK- The sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” which is organized by Democratic Peoples’ Party in Istanbul city in Turkey entered its 2nd day.  

The parliamentarians have discussed with the party’s members about the situations and developments of the region till late hours at night. They also watched at Vampîr Koylu paly, and in the morning at first hours, the parliamentarians woke up and started cleaning the surrounding of the park and walked the morning walk in the park.

Today, visits would be started as the parliamentarians would deliver a statement to the media at 11:00, and the sit-inners representatives of Democratic Peoples’ Party components.

It is supposed that the head of Republican People Party in Istanbul Jamal Jan Polat and other sit-inners would visit the sit-inners in the park, and on the same day, a demonstration would be organized supporting the sit-inners in Kalkedon Square in Kadikoyê district. At 12:00, the democratic civil institutions and other politic parties would demonstrate and head towards Yogûrtçû Park. At 19:00 in the evening, the demonstration in Kalkedon Square would be launched. At 18:45 work and developments organizations (DISK.KESK. TMMOB.TBB) would gather in Altiyol in Kadikoyê  district, and they would march hand in hand towards Yogûrtçû Park.