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“Justice and Conscience” Sit-in entered its 2nd day

NEWS DESK- The parliaments of Democratic Peoples’ Party are continuing the sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” which entered its 2nd day.

The sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” which was announced by the parliaments of Democratic Peoples’ Party under the slogan “We Would Not Stop, Say Enough To Fascism” entered its 2nd day.

A number of parliaments of the Democratic Peoples’ Party are going on a sit-in in Akin Geren Park in Amad city after a meeting held on Tuesday at the same place. Meanwhile, police forces are encircling the sit-inners and do not allow people to join the sit-in, they also did not prevented delivering blankets to the sit-in place but after the sit-inners’ insistence and resistance.

People attempted on Tuesday evening to deliver blankets and some needs to the sit-inners while police elements who are encircling the park prevented them from entering the park, and when the sit-inners insisted and resisted, the police forces were obliged to allow delivering blankets and other needs to the sit-inners. Moreover, the police forces tried to intercept the people who were waving their hands to the sit-inners.

The sit-inners organized on Tuesday a meeting in the park and they discussed the program of the activity. The activity  of the sit-inners started by chanting songs till last hours at night, and the sit-inners slept in the park.

On Wednesday morning, the activity of the sit-in started by clearing the park and some gymnastics, and after eating their breakfast, the sit-inners continued their sit-in under the slogan of the activity which is “Justice and Conscience”.

Moreover, people gathered around the park after they have been prevented from entering it by the policemen, and the women gathered around the park assured that they would continue supporting the sit-inners even if the sit-in would last for a year.