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Justice and Conscience Sit-in entered its 6th day

NEWS DESK- The sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” that was organized by the parliamentarians of Democratic Peoples’ Party in Ekîn Ceren Park in Amad city in Bakur Kurdistan (north of Syria) under the slogan “We Would Not Stop, Say Enough to Fascism” entered its 6th day.

In the 6th day of the sit-in, the parliamentarians valuated their daily activities in the evening, and they talked about the details of this sit-in.

At first hours of Sunday morning, the parliamentarians arranged their places, and started clearing the surrounding of the park. Then, they had their breakfast, and read newspapers, books and articles.

The co-chair of Democratic Peoples’ Party Salah al-Din Dimertash and the previous co-chair of Democratic Peoples’ Party Vigan Yougasdag sent two massages as they expressed their supporting to the sit-inners.

The sit-in of the parliamentarians started on July 25 under the slogan “No Isolation, For A Free Democratic Policy, Justice For All”.