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Justice and Conscience Sit-in in Wan after Istanbul and Amed

NEWS DESK- The sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” that was organized by the parliamentarians of Democratic Peoples’ Party in Wan city started on Sunday after it has lasted for 6 days in Yogûrtçû Park in Istanbul city and Amed earlier. The participants in the sit-in in Istanbul would deliver a statement to media on Sunday at 18:00 as they would announce that the sit-in would be resumed in Wan city.

Justice and Conscience Sit-in that started on last Tuesday in Yogûrtçû Park in Kadikoy district in Istanbul would end on Sunday evening in Istanbul city, but it would continue in Wan city in Bakur Kurdistan “north of Kurdistan”.

On this occasion, statements would be delivered to media on Sunday evening at 18:00.

In addition, the officials in Democratic peoples’ Party in Wan city declared that their preparations to begin the activities of the sit-in have been completed.

Justice and Conscience Sit-in started in Amed city, and after 6 days, it moved to Istanbul city.