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Kalkan: resistance is the sole way to eliminate fascism

NEWS DESK– Doran Kalkan, member of the executive committee in the Kurdistan Workers Party called for struggle and joint resistance against fascism, and said that Erdogan’s fascist acts are not different from Hitler’s.

This came in an interview Firat news agency held with Doran Kalkan, member of the executive committee in the Kurdistan Workers Party.

Erdogan’s fascist acts are not different from Hitler’s

Kalkan touched upon the campaigns that target opposition and the media Justice and Development Party have launched, and said that all dictators have resorted to such methods; while Hitler took hold of power through elections, following this he prohibited all parties so the Nazi party seized power, following this example, Erdogan has done the same, as copying his acts and deeds.

Erdogan has turned into a gang leader

Kalkan pointed out that stricture imposed by Erdogan government is set against all their opponents, Democratic Peoples Party in particular, and resolutions following it like banning TV channels, opposition media thus eliminating different voices except for Erdogan’s and his party, Kalkan added” they are calling Erdogan” the leader” who is doubtlessly leader of a gang, and this completely suits him, as he has gangs under his command, and has exluded everything concerned with the state, regime, and rights.

With allying together and resistance, we can eliminate fascism

Kalkan said that fascism is possible to eliminate through allying together, organizing, and resistance”  has fascism existed somewhere, struggle should be escalated, and turkey is in need of democratic resistance, which is the only guarantee of Turkey future”.

What France is doing is a shame

As to the banning broadcast of Med Nûçe and Newroz TV by the French firm Eutelsat, Kalkan said” this is a shame, France is claiming to be leftist, socialist state, and fighting IS, it approved of Kurds role of fighting it, and has received commands of YPG and YPJ in Elysee Palace, and everybody thought that they are following a democratic policy and remedying their mistakes against Kurds in Treaty of Lausanne, they are not indeed but serving their interests”.