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KCD: Attacking Makhmour camp carried out launching from aggressive mentality against Kurdish people

NEWS DESK– Democratic Society Conference (KCD) condemned the attack on Makhmour camp and said that this attack was carried out of the hostility mental against Kurdish people. “This attack on our people in Makhmour targeted all the people of Kurdistan.”

The statement referred to the hostile practices of Turkish state against Kurdish people for more than a century, where the Kurds were subjected to injustice, repression and massacres, which resulted in the destruction and burning of thousands of villages.

The statement pointed out that more than 15 thousand of Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan are living in Martyr Rostam Joudi camp under the auspices of the United Nations, and has been subjected over the past years to the attacks of the Turkish state and its supporters.

“Our people living under the auspices of the United Nations in the camp were brutally attacked at 18.45 last night. This attack was carried out in the spirit of hostility to the Kurdish people, and we must all realize that this attack was carried out by the dominant forces and regional states that support IS mercenaries.

The statement also called on all the people of Kurdistan and all the leftists and Democrats to unite their ranks and to respond to these attacks, which “target the general Kurdistan.”

The Conference of Democratic Society ended its statement by saying “We deplore the attack on our people. We also condemn the authorities that prevented our people in Holler from donating blood for the wounded, and we call on the officials in Başûr / South Kurdistan to open an investigation into these sides and persons.

Everyone must realize that as we have resisted all attacks so far, we will not retreat .