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KCK declares its position on events in Başûr: Democracy is solution

NEWS DESK- Kurdish Communities Union described the current events in Başûr / South Kurdistan as a legitimate uprising, and called upon political forces to act responsibly towards the demands of the people.
The Co-chair of the Presidential Council of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a written statement regarding the popular uprising in Başûr Kurdistan.

In its statement it confirmed that the people’s uprising for democracy is a source of pride and suggested package of measures to solve.

“We can establish platforms, committees and councils to solve political and social issues involving various political parties, civil society organizations and democratic institutions, and thus respond to the demands of the people,” KCK said in its statement.

“Our people in Başûr are organizing protests in Kurdistan to demand democracy,” the statement said. We extend condolences to the people who lost their lives during the protests and we wish the wounded a speedy recovery. The Kurdish people in the Middle East have suffered a lot of oppression, persecution and massacres. And made great sacrifices in the face of colonialism, genocide, oppression, in this way resisted our people, and made more sacrifices in order to achieve the rights of democracy and national and even the most basic rights. In its continuous struggle for a free and democratic life over a century, our people have reached important levels of democratic awareness and freedom.

The statement added “The recent protests of our people in Başûr Kurdistan are an expression of their hopes. So it is important to absorb them properly and find the right solutions for them. The people confirmed through these protests that they were not satisfied with the policies in Başûr which requires the adoption of democratic political means to ensure the direct participation of the people in politics. Even party administrations demand democratic political approaches. At the same time, it means demanding a new democratic administration capable of responding to the demands of the people.

The uprisings for democracy are a source of pride
The people’s uprising for democracy is a pride for all Kurdish people. Democracy is already achieved by the uprising of the people and their support for democracy. Therefore, the political parties holding power should consider this a source of strength and be proud of the existence of such a people.

It is therefore important to take the right positions, and this is possible through dialogue with the people, political parties and all the forces, which may provide a solution map.
While the Middle East is witnessing a third world war, the Kurdistan region is witnessing hot political events. It is important to rely on the people in the first place, and the issues must be resolved between the political forces and the democratic community, so that the Kurdish people are ready for any event that may occur in the region.

The co-chair of the Presidential Council of the Kurdistan Community ‘s Union concluded its statement by directing this appeal:
“The social and political issues that have emerged now outweigh the capabilities of one or two parties, so there is no solution but to move out and a democratic program involving all parties.

Therefore, we understand and appreciate the democratic protests of our people, and appeal to all political forces in Başûr Kurdistan to block the danger and act responsibly.