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KDP’s secretary: we will join elections serving Syrian North people



NEWS DESK- The secretary of Kurdish Democratic Party (the Party) in Syria and the member of Kurdish National Coalition’s presidency Neser al-Din Ibrahim said that they are a part of Democratic North-Syria Federation, and they will join the elections that are supposed to be held in the beginning of the next month within their list and by their candidates of the four parties participated in the list.

As the preparations to start the elections of the Local Administration that is the second stage of Democratic North-Syria Federation continue, the political entities are getting ready to join the elections according to the lists that have been prepared.NISRDIN IBRAHIM

Kurdish National Coalition: consists of four parties; Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Kurdish Democratic Leftist Party in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Kurdish Accord and Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekitî) sent the names of their candidates to the High Electoral Commission to consider them.

The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party (the Party) in Syria and the member of Kurdish National Coalition’ Presidency Neser al-Din Ibrahim talked to Hawar news agency about their aim of joining the elections and about their preparations for them.

Neser al-Din Ibrahim pointed out that the National Coalition list consists of 4 activated political Kurdish parties in North Syria so these parties have united within a joint list.

Neser al-Din Ibrahim said “we participated in the first stage and provided our members to participate in the elections within the first stage of the communes’ co-chairs elections so we must participate in the second stage of the elections judging from the national sense. Now, we are supplying our members to supervise the ballot boxes.

About the aim of participation in the elections, Neser al-Din Ibrahim said that they strive at serving the North Syria people and developing the political level in the area, especially within the sensitive circumstances which it is going through. Ibrahim also talked about the political pluralism that the area witnesses and the pioneer role of the politicians achieving democracy.

Neser al-Din Ibrahim noted that a special committee has been formed in the coalition list to work at the field of advertisement after declaring the last names that would participate in the elections, and their programs would be by holding public meeting and introducing their electoral program.

The secretary of Kurdish Democratic Party (the Party) in Syria and the member of Kurdish National Coalition’s Presidency Neser al-Din Ibrahim concluded his speech calling for the parents of north of Syria to participate in the elections, and Ibrahim said “our people in the Syrian north must approach this stage with a sense of responsibility and they must be careful because this is a historical stage, as well as, our people must get away from extremism and racism and elect the lists that, in their view, would be the future for forming north of Syria.