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KJAR coordination’s member: Iranian people demand forming democratic regime


NEW DESK- Juana Sena, the coordination member of the Free Women Association in East Kurdistan (KJAR) said that the Iranian people demand the overthrow of the Iranian regime and establishing a democratic regime that believes in free and dignity life for the people pointing out that the Iranian regime suffers from contradictions in the decision center, and the public uprising would fall the regime.

Juana Sena, the coordination member of the Free Women Association in East Kurdistan gave statements to Hawar news agency about the public uprising that is ongoing against the regime in Iran. Juana also stressed that all components of the Iranian people are involved in the Uprising, especially women.

Juana Sena noted, “the Iranian state has imposed on the Iranian society since a long time the policy of violence and intimidation, and practiced the methods of arrestment, detention, execution, and killing against the political prisoners to instill fear and terror in the hearts of the people, and these policies created a popular uprising against the regime in Iran.”

Juana said that the uprising in Iran this time is different from the previous revolutions, and Juana added, “the people in Iran has experienced the uprising, and this current uprising is different from the previous uprisings as the demands are different, and the people in Iran realized the fact that Iranian state will never meet the people and demonstrators’ needs, but it wants to cheat them with false promises.”

Juana said, “after several days of demonstrations, the Iranian regime in Iran has begun to find solutions as it has opened the crossings with South Kurdistan Region, and it attempts to solve some economic problems to fancy the demonstrators that the reforms have begun, but the people will continue their protests, and most of the Iranian cities started revolting, and the Iranian regime could not suppress the protests using the violence and murder machine.

‘Iran participates in Middle East crises to cover what is going on inside’

In response to a question about the reasons of starting the people’s uprising in Iran, Juana Sena said, “the protests that have been taking place in most of the Iranian cities for several days have internal and external causes. In the Middle East, the Third World War is ongoing, and Iran has a major role in the Middle East crises. Iran has been one of the effective forces in the Middle East crises, and it has experiences in tactics, so it tries by various means to participate in the crises out of Iran in order to not move into it.

The member of the coordination of Free Women Association in East Kurdistan added, “the Iranian streets are boiling, and the Iranian state has blocked the mouths of the Iranian people, and it practices tyranny against them, and participates in the crises of the Middle East abroad. It has a big role in the crises of Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and it works to be the greatest power in the Middle East. While in the inside Iran, the Iranian regime practices the policies of denying and intimidating the Iranian peoples, especially the Kurdish people, in addition to practicing a special policy against the Iranian women.”

‘Rohani did not keep his promises’

Juana Sena noted that the Iranian president Hassen Rohani did not keep his electoral promises so that the people in Iran revolted. Juana continued saying, “Rohani candidate himself in the elections of the Iranian presidency, and the people, especially the Iranian women were confident in Hassen Rohani who promised them of solving the political, and social problems, while all these promises were false, and did not achieve anything. The people rebelled against him because he did not offer anything that he promised during his election program, and the Iranian regime is trying to put an end to this uprising by all means so the uprising began again, and spread in most of the Iranian cities, especially in the eastern cities of Kurdistan (Rojhilat).

After five days of the uprising, Rohani came out to say that the public demands are right and the people have the right to criticize and demand their rights, while on the same time, the Iranian authorities are practicing suppression and tyranny against the demonstrators.

Juana assured, “in this uprising, all the components of the Iranian people; Kurds, Persians, Arabs, Baluchs, Lauris and Azeris are participating in the protests for one goal which is falling the government in Iran. Women play an important role in the uprising. What distinguishes this uprising is that it calls for changing the regime and establishing a regime that guarantees freedom and democracy.”

“Rojava Revolution is an Example of the area’s people”

Juana Sena said, “the experience of the Rojava revolution has become an example for all the peoples of the area. The Iranian people also want to change the regime, and form a democratic regime to manage themselves by themselves. The experience of Rojava people in the uprising and changing the regime is in front of the eyes. When Rojava was liberated from the tyrannical regime and was able to form a regime during which the people are managing themselves by themselves, it has been proved that Rojava people could resist and organize the will of society, and exercise a democratic policy in the society is the will of the people. The Iranian regime also follows the situation in Rojava, and know that it is not easy to break the will of the people because the people of Iran want to enjoy their rights in politics, and to manage themselves by themselves. The experience of the Rojava revolution has become an example for all the people of the area, especially women’s revolution in Rojava affected the Iranian people.”

Juana Sane noted that Rojava Revolution created a sense of self-confidence among the people, and they realized that they have the strength and will that can be translated into a regime that achieves freedom and democracy in the society. In Iran, if the Iranian people can organize their uprising and revolution, they will be able to establish a democratic regime in East Kurdistan (Rojhilat) and Iran such as Rojava revolution.”

It’s time for change

The Iranian regime has reached by external and internal pressures on it to stage of the collapse, and is suffering day by day in the decision-making. There is an economic crisis, a political crisis and a social crisis in Iran, America and the western countries put pressure on Iran, especially on the issue of nuclear agreement. The Iranian ambitions to establish a Shiite crescent.”

At the end of her speech, Juana confirmed that it is time for change in Iran and said, “this uprising can lead Iran to a radical change in authority, laws and politics, because the people no longer accept to be ruled by a tyrannical regime.” The people want to practice a democratic policy, and a free life, and the Iranian regime cannot stop the uprising of the people of Iran because it is time for change in Iran.”