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KNC having destroyed Sheik Maksoud, municipality clears its effects

ALEPPO – the municipality in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood started today cleaning all streets of the neighborhood that were subjected to bombardment and destruction.

Intending to clean the neighborhood streets from the effects of the wild and barbaric shelling by the mercenaries affiliated to the coalition and remains of the Kurdish hlb-serdari-baqjiya-taxi-6National Council. The municipality launched a cleaning campaign which involved dedication of the limited possibilities in the municipality: lorries and mor than 20 people in this campaign for cleaning the neighborhood.

About this operation, an administrative in the municipality Kameran Rasheed, said: At the beginning we started cleaning all streets and opened the roads that were blocked because of the effects of destruction and bombardment.

Rasheed continued” winter is coming so we want to clean the streets because rain and snow falling on these remains will make the situation even worse and we appeal the people of the neighborhood to return to their homes and we promise that we will be serving them.

Some people of the neighborhood approved of this initiative the municipality has taken and the citizen Moussa Haj Hessen an Arab said: The mercenaries barbarically bombarded the neighborhood with heavy weapons, in addition to that, they have splattered civilians with chemical weapons and hlb-serdari-baqjiya-taxi-8destroyed the streets. Despite of that, the municipality is doing her job and we as people of the neighborhood will be always helping the municipality.

The campaign is supposed to continue for a month until finishing all the streets which suffered from destruction.



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