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KNK considered March 12th Uprising base of DAA

NEWS DESK- The Presidential Commission in the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) considered the uprising of March 12th the cornerstone that paved the way for the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

In the 13th anniversary of Qamişlo Uprising against the Baathist regime a statement was released by KNK about the uprising martyrs.

The Presidential Commission in KNK said “we in KNK commemorate Qamişlo massacre martyrs in the 13th anniversary; their sacrifices were not gone in vain, and their resistance formed a cornerstone to consolidate the DAA today.

In the end of the statement the Presidential Commission assured that people in Rojava made us proud. People also are protecting their nation against all the attacks and processes. We are confident that Rojava people would make Rojava an example of freedom and democracy for other nations.