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KNK: on Newroz 2017, Kurdish unity should be shining

NEWS DESK – Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) congratulated all Kurdistan people on Newroz and said “at this sensitive stage of liberation struggle to reach free Kurdistan, Newroz light should be shining on Kurdistan people unity and Kurdistan unity”.

The KNK Presidential Body released a statement to the public opinion on the occasion of Newroz Eid coming.

The statement shed the light on the fascist regimes prohibiting Kurdistan people from celebrating Newroz Eid inside Kurdistan, and assured that Kurdistan people are celebrating the Eid for demanding their freedom. The statement stated “Kurdistan people are celebrating Newroz Eid Today and turning celebrations stage to its original essence through history by the participation of all the components.

The statement also included “one of the main points that Newroz Eid suggests is nationality. At this sensitive stage of liberation struggle to reach Kurdistan freedom, Kurdistan fire should become a shining light on Kurds’ unity and Kurdistan’”.

We in KNK congratulate this Newroz on all Kurdistan people, and we are sure that Newroz today would be Newroz of agreement and victory for Kurdistan people.