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KNK:  people demands in  Iran are legitimate demands

NEWS DESK-The  Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has confirmed peoples of East Kurdistan and Iran are legitimate demands, and said, “Victory will be an ally of the peoples of East Kurdistan and Iran.”

The KNK has issued a statement on the uprising of the peoples of eastKurdistan and Iran against the policies of starvation, injustice and poverty there.

The statement said that the Kurdish people and the people of Iran began a mythical revolution in 1979 and overthrew the dictatorial monarchy. But in 1979, Ayatollah Khamenei took control of the revolution and established a religious and sectarian system that has become a scourge at the head of the people of Iran.

“Iran has become a prison under Ayatollah’s regime. Now the Kurdish people and their sects do not accept the ayatollah’s regime and continue their struggle. Since the Ayatollah’s regime began, our people in Iran have not stopped claiming their legitimate rights.”

The Ayatollah’s regime has robbed Iran’s goods and deprived life of the people

“Since the ayatollah regime took control of Iran, taking away Iran’s goods, depriving the people of life, the ayatollah has not only kept his religious and sectarian system in Iran, but has sought to spread it in the Middle East. Lebanon, Syria, the Gulf states and Afghanistan. “

They have turned Iran into blackness like their mind and mind

“They violate human rights in Iran, and every day they execute scores, and they will carry out a brutal regime in eastern Kurdistan, which meets the demands of the Kurdish people for their rights to kill. They turned Iran into blackness, like their minds and minds, and in particular turned women’s lives into prisons and their dark black muzzles. In conclusion, they have turned all of Iran into a prison. “

“The rope of injustice is not long, and at the end of last December, the people of Iran highlighted their disobedience to the current regime. They went out to the streets and ascended from the voice of truth, from scenes even to Karamshnan. The people went up to the struggle and demanded their rights from the ayatollah, Demanding study rights, workers and employees demand their stolen rights. The Kurdish people and Baluchi oppressed are demanding their democratic rights, all the people of Iran are demanding their rights. “

The demands of the people of Iran are legitimate

“The Ayatollah’s regime can not continue its policy. The demands of the people of Iran are legitimate rights and demands. The world that supports all these rights of the Iranian people, the Ayatollah regime, instead of listening to the demands of the people, is met with repression and murder. Demanding their rights were killed. “

This uprising will bring greater upheaval

“The uprising in Iran is not just a superficial uprising. It is an uprising that has emerged from the depths. The slogans are hesitant, the boldness is showing, the intifada is expanding day by day. The people of East Kurdistan have shown their reaction to politics and have taken to the streets. The system of the Ayatollah from now on will not be able to continue in injustice. If the current intifada does not turn into a tsunami, it can be suppressed by the Ayatollah’s regime, because it can create tricks and deceit and save itself from the crisis. Therefore, the people of Iran must support each other so that the uprising will bring more uprisings. They can resist the Ayatollah’s regime. “

“We, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), believe that the uprising and protests of the people of Iran are legitimate and we support them. People who advocate democracy must support each other and unite, so that they can find alternatives.”

“We call on the force in EastKurdistan to put a program to the demands of the people there urgently and not to waste their time in empty discussions on our people in East Kurdistan and the officials there to join forces so that they can move with other peoples according to a unified program.

The development of a democratic program for the demands of the people in Iran, then the protests and the uprising will bring changes and results with them. The people’s message is a phenomenon. It is that changing the current regime and establishing a free democratic regime for the people of Iran are a demand for freedom and this is important.

The demands of the peoples of EastKurdistan and Iran legitimate demands, the voice of freedom unite with the voice of the claim to live in Iran, victory will be an ally of the peoples of East Kurdistan and Iran.