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KNK: People foiled plot , will defeat current attacks

NEWS DESK-Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) said in a statement today that the Turkish state should know very well that the Kurdish people, as they resisted 19 years ago and thwarted the plot without achieving their goals, are resisting today and will resist until the end to thwart the brutal attacks against them until their homeland is liberated.

The statement was issued by the 19th anniversary of the international conspiracy against the leader of the Kurdish people led to arrest him in February 15, 1999.

At the beginning of the statement, KNK said, “They did not think of conscience, human rights or morals when they decided to arrest the Kurdish elder who fought and worked to undermine justice, equality, rights, peace and freedom in the region and silence his voice.”

The statement noted “That day was the first and this is the second day, where the enemy and its supporters were defeated and the struggle of Ocelan and the Kurdish people was won. The last 19 years put them in an embarrassing situation, while Ocelan and the Kurdish people remained elated. In the past 19 years justice won over injustice. PKK and the Kurdish people struggle to a greater stage where today we see it is greater than ever.”

Turkey supports the enemies of the Kurdish people, and showed it to the public when it revealed its hostility to the Kurdish people when they agreed with Iran and Iraq during the referendum in Başûr (southern) Kurdistan to secede, In fact, it has been 25 days and it has been attacking Afrin allied al-Qaeda and IS mercenaries, an attack in which Turkey strikes all international laws and charters, but Syria’s Democratic Forces and the Kurdish people show great resistance and defeat every attack by enemies. “

At the end of the statement, KNK appealed to the Kurdish people as follows:

“KNK at the anniversary of the plot of February 15 appeals once again to all Kurdish people wherever they are to escalate their resistance and solidarity with the resistance of Afrin and the liberation of  Ocelan and Kurdistan, and all work to unite and consolidate relations with friends of the Kurds more and more and condemn enemies and their supporters.”