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Kobani expresses support for Rojhilat uprising

KOBANI- The institutions of Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Democratic Society Movement in the canton of Kobani released a statement expressing their support for the uprising of the people in Rojhilat Kurdistan “the people who aspire to freedom cannot be killed and the resistance must get over.

Dozens of members and administrators of Democratic Autonomous Administration’s institutions gathered in their legislative and executive councils, members and directors of the institutions of the Democratic Society Movement, Kongra Star in front of the Executive Council building for

Democratic Autonomous Administration releasing a statement expressing their support for the uprising  of the people in Rojhilat t Kurdistan.

The text of the statement which was written in Kurdish and read by the Deputy Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration Khalid Barkal as follows:

“The killings and executions of activists in Iran continue, especially under the authority of Islam, attacks on women and human rights violations by the Iranian regime continue, too.

The Iranian regime is always trying to thwart all attempts by the people to create a common life and is even killing an all forms of violations of human rights are increasing. All attempts by the people

The Kurdish people in Rojhilat Kurdistan have received their share of these practices, on the one hand the civilians are falling victims to the regime’s practices, and on the other the activists of the freedom movement who have been always executed.

In the city of Baneh, Rojhilat Kurdistan, the Iranian authorities brutally killed Kurdish civilians, in order to break the will and resistance of the people, but when the people of the city expressed their rejection of the practices of the Iranian regime, the latter attacked them with military forces and helicopters, and again raised fears of new massacres against civilians.

Despite all that, the international community, with its human rights organizations and democratic governments, remains silent and give heed to what is going on there.

The history of the Iranian regime is full of killings of civilians, like other radical regimes, it digs its grave with its own hand when it kills civilians. In these operations, the end of the regime seems close and the Iranian regime knows that it will not be able to exterminate the people who aspire to freedom by killing and torturing them. The spirit of resistance and struggle among the people is growing determined more and more.

There is no doubt that the thought of power and the nationalistic state in Turkey and Iran will be destroyed by resisting of freedom seekers. The people will not be annihilated by killing and their resistance will triumph”.

After completing the reading of the statement, the audience chanted slogans that salute the resistance of the people in Rojhilat Kurdistan and express the solidarity of the people of Kobani with them.