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Kobanî Legislative Council discusses federalism’s divisions, elections 

KOBANÎ- The Legislative Council in Kobanî canton, the Euphrates region held its usual session and discussed many issues about the administrative divisions of the three regions and the elections law.KOBANE-CIVINA-MECLISA-ZAGONSAZ ‫(1)‬

The Legislative Council in Kobanî canton discussed in its 15th usual session the Article (3) activated in July 28, 2017 which scheduled elections deadline, the members discussed the elections, administrative divisions in the region.

The meeting was headed by the co-chair of the Legislative council in Kobanî canton Fawziya Abdi and Nihad Ahmad, members of the local councils and communes of the canton.KOBANE-CIVINA-MECLISA-ZAGONSAZ ‫(145752578)‬ ‫‬

The administrative divisions and the center of each region were discussed since each region includes 2 cantons, so which will be the center of the region.

The participants also wondered about the newly liberated areas like Manbij and other cities and whether they would join North-Syria Federation.

As to the centers of the cantons, the co-chair of the Legislative council in Kobanî canton Fawziya Abdi said that North-Syria Federation is based on decentralization and elimination of bureaucracy which the Syrian people suffered KOBANE-CIVINA-MECLISA-ZAGONSAZ ‫(145752577)‬ ‫‬from for ages, Abdi noted that each region includes 2 cantons, and each has its own system and policy which determines its work during war time and resolutions will be reached by democratic people council.

As to the liberated areas Abdi said that the fate of these areas is determined by their own people by a referendum in those areas.

The meeting was ended with setting a deadline for communes’ elections on August 22 while elections of the towns and districts’ councils will be made in November 3 according to the social contract and the resolution made by the Constituent Council in its 3rd session in July 27, 2017.