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KODAR calls for radical change in Iranian regime

NEWS DES- Democracy and Freedom Association in East Kurdistan (KODAR)called for a radical change in the Iranian regime that discriminates between the different sectors of society in Iran and Rojhilat Kurdistan. The association was surprised by what the Iranian regime leader said rejecting discrimination and racism while the Iranian regime was based on these.

In a statement release to the public,(KODAR)responded to the statements made by the leader of the Iranian regime Ali -Khamenei, who called for ” eliminating discrimination, national and religious racism among the different sectors of society in Iran.” The association said that “since the establishment of the Mullah ” regime in Iran, 38 years of continuing religious and national racism in his regime, and the share of the Rojhilat Kurdistan people is the largest of this racism, and now the Iranian leader comes to us with a statement demanding the renunciation of discrimination and racism.

The association pointed out also to the sanctions and death sentences which have been imposed by the Iranian regime on a national and religious basis and because of differences in language and expression, indicating that the statements of the regime is only ink on paper. The Association also accused the regime of “creating injustice and discrimination through its one state and one nation” which indicates that the Iranian regime contradicts itself and applies racism and declares against it, to mislead the public opinion.

KODAR stressed that the application of democracy in Iran is the best solution, pointing out that ” we warned the Iranian leaders in the road map which we announced earlier that without solution and radical change to access a democratic system preserving the rights of all components in Iran and Rojhilat of Kurdistan, Iran will be subjected to external interference, but the community itself will stand against this discrimination and racism”.

In its concluding statement, (KODAR)called for the application of the principles of democracy in Iran and for a change in the authoritarian mindsets and basic laws and not to remain within the framework of theoretical slogans.