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Kogra Star denounces law marriage of minors, which was initiated by Turkish state


QAMISHLO  – The Kongra Star in al-jazeera canton  denounced the enactment of the law on marriage of minor girls issued by the Turkish state exploiting the Islamic religion, and called on religious institutions to stand against this immoral law, considering that the marriage of minors is a killing of life and society.QMISLO-JIVINA-STAR (2)

The Kongra Star issued a statement to the public opinion denouncing the law of a Turkish state on the marriage of minors. The statement was read in the presence of dozens of members of political and legal parties and organizations, members of the Star Conference, the Women’s Economy, the Free Women’s Center, the Women’s House and members of Asayish forces,” Not to marry minors ” ” and Kongra Star flags.

The statement was read in front of the headquarters of the Kongra Star in Qamishlo city by the administrative Media Mahmoud.

The text of the statement:

“We deplore in the strongest terms the enactment of the law of the Turkish state, exploiting the Islamic religion in drafting laws that allow the killing of children. This law allows for the marriage of minors and because this is a catastrophe in the field of women’s rights and the confiscation of women’s dignity and exclusion under the name of marriage of minors. From a humane point of view and a work that is contrary to the rights of children, women’s rights and human rights.

This law is a continuation of the actions of IS gangs organization with women when the young were forced to marry the elements of humiliating and insulting and one of the forms of genocide practiced on women and turning them into a commodity that is sold and bought by men and thus they decide the law of captivity and the infanticide of girls.

This is a setback for the rights of women and violates all human rights and any nation that accepts this crime and any religion in the world.

Therefore we women in all institutions, organizations, organizations, parties and independent figures demand that religious institutions stand against this immoral law and ask at what time we and any face of slavery we live and must be removed that mental and mental ill and reject the culture of rape of childhood innocence.

We call upon the United Nations Women’s Commission and all humanitarian and women’s organizations in the world, especially the Human Rights Organization, to work together to stop violence against girls and women. This is a profound trust in our hearts and every woman must take serious and effective steps to break the chains of humiliation and slavery and reject the civilization of the body. Free and dignified, no harm, no violence, no rape, and the escalation of the common struggle to counter the mindset that will lead women towards the abyss, which tries to be a victim of conflicts and wars that seek to legitimize immoral practices by eliminating womenand the rape of the community. “