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Koma Kala Band is distinguished by its art and passion for heritage


ALEPPO- Koma Kala Band for the elderly is an art and expression of multiple cultures at the same time, their passion for folkloric dance was faced by regime repression, and despite the policy of denial by the Baathist regime, they preserved the band and their heritage.

Koma Kala is the oldest folkloric dance bands in the area of Afrin. It was founded in 1992 in Aleppo with the participation of a number of men only. After two years, in 1994, a number of women joined the band, bringing the total number of members to 18.

The band was named Koma Kala in relation to its elderly members aged between 50 and 60 years.

The band has participated in many events such as “Newroz Festivals, August 15 and other national occasions and celebrations, in addition to their participation in traditional Kurdish weddings.

The band faced many pressures at the hands of the Baathist regime, and the members of the band were subjected to security surveillance and arrest during their participation in events and weddings.

However, despite the policies adopted by the Baathist regime, the band did not cease its activity and cultural activities, and its members have maintained their heritage, gaining the people’s love for the band without fear of the ruling regime at the time.

From Koma Kala to Şehîd Hozan Serhad

In 2000, the band changed the name of their band from Koma Kala to the “Şehîd Hozan Serhad” in relation to the martyr artist and HPG fighter Hozan Serhad who was martyred in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Types of dancing

There are many types of folk dance which is characterized by the band, which is famous for many areas of northern Syria:

Narê, seyranê, Dulabê, Berçepkî, Yaxlı, kenar, Hoşer, Berkolê,

Bolıyê, Tevşok, Xorbetiyê, Molenıyê ,Qertel, Sêlıng, Sısonkî,


In addition to a number of innovative dances, such as “Hemo”, ” Çeftetılî” and others, in order to diversify the cultures and introduce the people to the general culture of Kurdish folk dance.

Their illustrated works

The Şehîd Martyr Serhad worked on filming 3 clips including revolutionary songs and plays. The first was the portrayal of the play Hêştır Berdayî (The Astray Camel), which tells the story of the Aga and the villagers, which was filmed in the village of Deir Meshmash in Afrin canton

The second clip was a display of folkloric dance, and the third clip was performed in 2016 in the village of Qus is located in Qibari village in Afrin canton, which is also a folkloric dance show of Afrin heritage

Events outside Aleppo and Syria

The band also participated in a number of celebrations and events outside Syria. Where the Şehîd Serhad was invited to Lebanon for more than seven times on the occasions of Newroz and other occasions between the years 2000 and 2002.

The band participated in the activities of Newroz in the province of Cizîre canton in the cities of Ad-Darbasiyah and Amuda in 2007 and 2008, also the band Orkish participated which was broadcast on the Ronahi TV.

The Martyr Serhad Band is still continuing its activities and participating in all events in the city of Aleppo and Afrin canton and is working in full swing to preserve Kurdish folk dance.