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KPC-D: We will learn our language, protect our culture

ALEPPO – Director of the Democratic Society Education Committee in Aleppo Aisha Hassan that they are getting ready to achieve the hopes of people and their aspirations to learn the mother tongue, whatever the cost and they will be seek to build a democratic and free society on the basis of cooperation.

Director of the Democratic Society Education Committee in Aleppo Aisha Hassan’s statements came after the demonstration that was launched yesterday demanded to learn the mother tongue in the schools of Aleppo.

Aisha began her speech, saying “we are administration of the Committee for Democratic Education, we as Democratic Society Education Committee have been negotiating with the school administration of the Syrian regime for more than a month in vain, insisting on prohibiting Kurdish language teaching in schools without a logical reason”.

“It is our duty to stand with the people to fulfill their demands to learn their mother tongue,” she said. “They are preventing us from teaching in the Kurdish language.

Aisha continued her speech saying “we support this demonstration and we participated in it and are  getting ready to stand with the people with all our strength. We hope that the people will be wary of the malicious policies that are being forged by some parties that want to create strife between the living components and try to exploit the subject. Language for their own interests. “

Aisha Hassan concluded her speech saying “education in the mother tongue is our natural right. We will stand together to respond to these policies, to revive our language and protect our culture, and this is the least we do to protect the victories achieved by the blood of the martyrs and achieve their goals in building a free democratic society based on cooperation”.