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Kurdish community in Lebanon commemorated 3 strugglers at their 5th anniversary


LEBANON- Kongra Star in the capital of Lebanon Beirut commemorated the anniversary of the three strugglers’ martyrdom during a meeting.

Kongra Star in Beirut held a meeting to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the martyrdom of the three strugglers Sakina Cansiz, Fidan Dogan, and Laila Shaylemez during a massacre committed against them in the capital of France, Paris, and dozens of the members of Kongra Star, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), and the Kurdish community in Beirut attended the meeting.

The meeting hall was ornamented by the pictures of the three strugglers and the pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocelan.

The meeting started by holding a minute of silence, and the member of Kongra Star Hanan Othman talked about the brutal massacre that was committed by the terrorists against the Kurdish people, especially against the Kurdish women as the Kurdish women are the bases and the pioneers in the Kurdish society and its revolution.

Hanan noted that women’s movement would not stand arm-folded about these policies that are practiced against women, especially the Kurdish women who struggle for their will on the base of the leader Ocelan’s thought and philosophy.

After that, a short film about the strugglers’ lives and their struggling march was shown, and the meeting ended with chanting the slogans that glorify the martyrs, and call on Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom.