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Kurdish parties call for joint action plan to confront Turkish threat

NEWS DESK– A group of political parties in Rojava issued an appeal to the Kurdish political movements and parties to hold a meeting in Qamişlo and come up with a joint action plan to confront the Turkish threat.

The Kurdish Azadi Party, the Kurdistan Peace Movement, the Kurdish Movement in Syria and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a joint statement, including an appeal to the Kurdish parties in Rojava for an extraordinary meeting. And agree on a number of points put released by the parties in their statement.

The text of the statement:

“Appeal to the Kurdish political movement in Rojava, bilateral and tripartite meetings between this party or that or that framework is useless in front of this barbaric aggression of the Turks and its mercenaries on the Kurdish areas, which began with Afrin and extended to every inch controlled by the Kurds in Syria, especially amid the complicity and The silence of US and Russian regional in addition to the mobilization of all Islamic countries and organizations in the orbit and portray his war as a war against “apostates Kurds.” If we are the Kurds in Syria in front of a Turkish war in all its dimensions and equipment we have to erase and liquidate all our national gains that we have gained with the blood of thousands of martyrs and return us to zero hands as we were after having done our job in defeating the most dangerous terrorism on the Syrian arena, Iraq and the region in general, The large Kurdish parties, which are outside Autonomous Administration as well as all the forces within the framework of this administration are urgently called for an extraordinary meeting in Qamişlo to agree on several things :

-Issuing a political statement to the whole world about their rejection of this aggression and determination to confront it by all means.

-Agreement on formation of a joint political administration and a crisis cell composed of a number of party leaders to difficult tasks and have experience and political wisdom.

– form an active diplomatic campaign for the global decision-making capitals on behalf of the Kurdish people in Syria and explaining the dimensions and danger of this attack, which targets the Kurdish people from mass massacres against the background of ethnic and sectarian hatred of the attackers to the Kurds.

– Immediately after the failure of this aggressive attack, agree on the formation of a new political administration for all the Kurdish regions in which all active political forces participate and reconsider the whole Kurdish policy and evaluate the allies and identify friends and enemies.

-Announce the formation of a platform for dialogue and negotiation and the formation of political reference to it and withdraw from all opposition frameworks and the formation of the Kurdish framework and retain that privacy and not to compromise with any other political framework.

– Adopting a single military force whose nucleus is the People’s Protection Units and the attempt to join  Roj Peshmerga promoted to form a national Kurdish army whose primary task is to protect the Kurdish areas from all attacks and whoever.”

In our opinion, the parties signed below are some important points that we, the Kurds, can agree upon so that we can all address our tasks in protecting our national achievements and building on them in future negotiations with the rest of the Syrian components. And this is our perception of the situation that we must be a Kurd in the atmosphere of Turkish aggression threatened our existence and can certainly be added to it by the other parties