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Kurdish people united by resistence of age, Afrin will win 


QAMISHLO – A number of Kurdish politicians that the resistance of age in Afrin united the Kurdish people, noting that the occupied countries are afraid of the arrival of the project of the fraternity of peoples to the Middle East, wondering why this silence where human rights and the international community?

Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored views of a number of political Party Politicians On Sunday ,the political parties set up the solidarity tent under the slogan “Afarin resistance will remain an icon for future generations” in solidarity with the resistance of age in Qamishlo

The head of the National Free Patriotic Union Party Bijan Ibrahim stressed that the agreements followed by the Turkish and Russian regimes along with the silence of the world countries are to annihilate the Kurdish people and remove it from existence. “But it turns out that victory will eventually be an ally of the people of Afrin steadfast in the face of Turkish aggression, They can break the barrier of the peoples of the region who have liberated them from terrorism together. “MEZKIN

And added :

“We see that the dirty game played by the Turkish and Russian regimes and others is to eliminate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after their success in liberating vast areas of the North Syrian territories  and defeating them to the most dangerous terrorist organization, but at the same time they fear spreading the idea of  fraternity of the peoples to the east in North Syria “

For her part,  the co-chair of the Party for Democratic Change, Kurdistan, Mazkin Zidane that great resistance to popular address the conspiracies and schemes that are woven against Afrin, and added, “Every day the martyrs of civilian women and children fall by the Turkish occupation amid silence and indifference by the countries that Erdogan bought some loans” .

“Why is this silence where human rights and the international community stop the massacres committed against the children of Afrin?” Mazin asked.MOHAMED

In turn, said the secretary of the Central Committee of the Federation of the Kurdistan Workers Mohammed Shiqi, “We applaud the resistance of the era that is taking place in Afrin by our parents in Afrin resisters and defend the rights and rights, we all know that dictatorships and dictatorships and fascists who are hovering around the geography of Kurdistan do not want the Kurdish people to reach its legitimate goals” .

“Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish regime has intervened in the affairs of Syria to undermine the project of freedom and democracy in North Syria but the people of their will and determination managed to thwart these schemes.”

At the end of his speech, Sheikhi explained that those who tried to annihilate our people and undermine his morale and will, and displacement, failed, and fail, and said, “Afrin is the one who will win in the end