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Kurdish Red Crescent confirms their continued to support Afrin campaign

GIRE SIPI – The Kurdish Red Crescent branch in Gire sipi / Tel-Abyed issued a statement confirming  they are continuing  support of Afrin residents from Gire sipi canton during the second day of the fundraising campaign.

The Kurdish Red Crescent branch in Gire sipi /Tel -Abyed is continuing its fundraising campaign on its second day to deliver to the people of Afrin whose houses were destroyed and their properties which were looted during the Turkish aggression.

During the campaign, the Red Crescent issued a live statement in which the people of Afrin are opposed to attacks by the Turkish state and its mercenaries against them.

The statement was read in the presence of members of the Kurdish Red Crescent and dozens of residents ofGire sipi /Tel-Abyed .

The text reads:

We in the Kurdish Red Crescent branch and the health workers in Health Body in Gire sipi /Tel-Abyed  salute the resistance of Afrin and announce our stand alongside the resistance heroes in Afrin from Young and elderly

And we will support their resistance with all the material and moral support we can because they are defenders of the dignity of the people and we salute all those who carry arms and green olive branches that do not fall leaves over the four seasons.

We are the Kurdish Red Crescent as of today we will provide support and all the necessary medical tools and equipment, and we tell you that your steadfastness in the olive land has surprised the world and made your Afrin city a title of steadfastness and challenge.

A greeting to your steadfastness, a greeting to the resistance in which you gave lessons to the invasion and the occupier “