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Kurdish Red Crescent opens a free clinic in the al-Tapqa

AL-TABQA- The Kurdish Red Crescent, Kobani’s branch, has opened a clinic in al-Tabqa National Hospital to provide free treatment in support of the health sector in the city, and has managed to treat 9 cases since its opening, in a move that will help the hospital to provide treatment to citizens.TEPQA-HEYVA-SOR-VEKIRINA-NAVENDA-TENDIROSTI ‫(38863362)‬ ‫‬

The Kurdish Red Crescent, Kobani’s branch, announced a few days ago its intention to open a permanent clinic in al-Tabqa National Hospital in addition to providing medical assistance to the hospital, which does not receive sufficient aid from international relief organizations causing several mortalities due to the lack of the equipment in the hospital.

The clinic includes doctors in the specialties of internal and women and pediatric diseases, and provides drugs and treatment for free to its auditors.

The clinic was able to handle 9 simple cases.

In a related context, the co-chair of the Health Office in the-al-Tabqa , Zahra al-Hussein, said that the Kurdish Red Crescent in the coming days will open a  women clinic in the al-Tabqa and its countryside areas.