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Kurdish Red Crescent supports hygiene sector in al-Tabqa  


AL-TABQA– The Kurdish Red Crescent is aiming at opening 2 clinics; one mobile and the other is immobile in the city of al-Tabqa, this comes in the context of supporting the hygiene sector in al-Tabqa as the city is suffering from a drastic shortage of medicine, medical staff and facilities.TEPQA-KARE-HEYVA-SOR-A-KURD1 ‫(184287745)‬ ‫‬

Meantime, international organizations promises are still mere ink on paper.

The Kurdish Red Crescent in Kobani canton opened a branch in al-Tabqa city on Wednesday.

The organization is seeking by its presence in the city to support the hygiene sector which was badly damaged after IS gangs have sabotaged all medical equipment, and dispensaries and al-Tabqa National Hospital were destroyed.

The Kurdish Red Crescent is aiming at opening an inclusive clinic consisting of( children, internal and women diseases), in addition to a pharmacy within al-Tabqa Hospital.

Moreover, a temporary accommodation will be provided for the sick, the organization is also preparing for a mobile gynecological clinic.

In this context, the Kurdish Red Crescent has provided 10 kinds of medicines including anti-inflammatory, cold medicines and nasal drops.

Manager of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Kobani canton Dr. Nasaan al-Ahmad assured “the hospital is in dire need of medical equipment like incubators and aesthesia appliance, and around 50 kinds of medicines are needed as well.TEPQA-KARE-HEYVA-SOR-A-KURD1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Al-Ahmad assured ”but we will continue working within al-Tabqa city and we will succeed here as we had done in Kobani and Ain Issa.