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Kurdish Red Crescent treats hundreds in al-Tabqa


AL-TABQA- The action of opening the free clinic in al-Tabqa city that the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in Kobani has done is one of the most prominent events after al-Tabqa was liberated by SDF fighters in May 10 while the international organizations do not provide any support to al-Tabqa National Hospital which is out of service because of IS mercenaries’ acts of sabotage.TEBQA-HEVA-SOUR ‫(100860417)‬ ‫‬

The clinic that was opened in August 25 receives ill people within its 2 parts of pediatric and internal and provides them with free medical treatment in addition to providing them with the available medicine drugs.

Since the clinic has been opened, 493 states; 255 states in the pediatric apartment, and 238 in the internal apartment have been received as they have been screened by special doctors and they have been provided with available medicine for free.

Moreover, there is a need for medicine drugs of some critical diseases like diabetes, pressure and kidney drugs. In addition, there is some states which have been moved to Kobani, Manbij and Qamişlo Hospitals due to the lack of equipment.

The pharmacist in the clinic Abdulah al-Hussein assured in an interview with Hawar news agency that many international organizations promised while they did not provide any health assistance calling for them to speed providing the medical care to al-Tabqa and its countryside.