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Lacking tents, Manbij camp refugees’ number increases


MANBIJ- As the refugees’ number fleeing al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa cities increases every day, Manbij camp for refugees is suffering from a drastic shortage of tents.

Thousands of refugees are flowing to the Manbij camp which lies 7 km west of the city escaping the IS-held in al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa which are witnessing now strong clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces; leading the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa since November, 2016, and Daesh mercenaries.

The camp comprises around 5,000 refugees from Deir Hafir, al-Khafsa, Maskanah, al-Tabqa, and al-Raqqa.

The number of the tents has recently increased due to the increasing number of the refugees; from 135 to 385 tents, despite this augmentation, it would not accommodate all refugees as more than a family is residing a single tent.


Muhamad Mansour an administrative in the camp said that the refugees’ number is increasing with the continual flowing of refugees to the camp, Mansour added that they are in dire need of tents, foodstuff, medical and hygienic aids amid shameful silence on the part of humanitarian and world organizations.

The Manbij Organization for Relief and Development is providing refugees with foodstuff aids in an attempt to meet the camp population’s needs.


Munzir Bader an administrative in Manbij Organization for Relief and Development said that they are facing difficulties due to the increasing number of refugees in the camp amid scarcity of any kind of help, which forced the refugees to stay in repositories. Bader also appealed to the humanitarian organizations to help the refugees who fled al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa cities.


Omar Ali Abdullah one of the refugees residing the camp has fled al-Tabqa city, Omar appealed to the international and humanitarian organizations to assist them, particularly foodstuff as the mercenaries are following starvation policy, and on their flight, the refugees could not bring anything with them.

Manbij camp administration is coordinating with Manbij Organization for Relief and Development, Social Affairs and Labour Committee, and Euphrates Hospital to provide medical services for the refugees in the camp.