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Launching second meeting of al- Raqqa civil council


Al-RAQQA – The second general meeting has been launched to al-Raqqa Civil Council, during which the council will be restructured and the Legislative and Executive Councils will be formed.

People are hoping in al-Raqqa to rebuild their city which has been liberated by the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) from IS mercenaries, and with the aim of restructuring al-Raqqa Civil Council was able to organize the region better, the second general meeting of al-Raqqa civil council has been launched.RIQA-CVIN DES PE DKOE (2)

The meeting is being held at the al-Taj restaurant in the center of al-Raqqa city where pictures of martyrs and banners reading: “With the vitality of youth, we will bring al-Raqqa to safety, defeat terrorism with our martyrs and build the tenderness with our arms,” Are hung.

The meeting is attended by the members of al-Raqqa Civil Council, representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Syrian Women’s Council, as well as delegations from Manbij, Kobani and al-Jazeera, al-Tabqa Deir –ez Zor Civil Council and a delegation from the US State Department attended the meeting.

The meeting began with a minute of silence.

According to the preparatory committee for the meeting, the meeting’s activities will include assessing the situation in Syria in general and the region in particular and reading the report prepared by the preparatory committee regarding the meeting.RIQA-CVIN DES PE DKOE (1)

Guests and delegations will also deliver speeches during the meeting.

According to the Preparatory Committee, during this meeting, the council will be restructured again, and the council expanded, in addition to the formation of the Legislative and Executive Councils of al-Raqqa Civil Council.