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Lawyers: we have right to know Ocelan,  health , safety


QAMIŞlO– Lawyers and lawyers in Girkê Legê said that the continued isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan is not based on any legal or human rights in the world.

He demanded rights and lawyers in the area of Girkê Legê in order to meet with the Hawar news agency, called on international organizations and international rights to work to comply with the law and to remove the isolation of Ocelan and disclose his health.MOHAMED EAMIN SLIMAN

The lawyer Mohammed Amin Sulaiman, said “The Turkish government has been pursuing immoral practices against leader Ocelan three years ago.

He pointed out that all international laws allow the detainee to communicate with his family and lawyers. This is one of the most basic legal rights under international law. “What Turkish state does is not accepted by any international laws or humanitarian norms.

Suleiman pointed out that Ocelan is the leader of the people and revolution, and did not commit any act of terrorism as alleged by the Turkish state, “On the contrary, Turkish state is burning villages daily and killing thousands of civilians.”

“Leader Apo is the leader of the people and leader of the revolution, and we have the right to know his health and safety.” He called on international organizations and human rights organizations to intervene in Imrali prison and to break the isolation of Ocelan.EMAD ALXARBI

Lawyer Emad al-Gharbi said that barring lawyers from visiting Ocelan, as well as tightening isolation in Imrali prison, meant that Turkish state wanted to hide what was happening in prison.

He added “Three years ago, Turkish authorities prevented lawyers from visiting Ocelan in prison. There is no democratic law or international law that bars lawyers from visiting their clients.”

He said “We, as lawyers and, reject this injustice and this exclusion of Ocelan.”