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Lectures to remove roots of IS mercenaries from the displaced



GIRÊ SIPÎ In the northeast of Syria, Girê Sipî organized a series of awareness lectures aimed at removing the roots of IS mercenaries from the minds of the newly liberated displaced people.

With the expansion of the geographical patches that were controlled by mercenaries in Syria and Iraq, the suffering of the community was increasing as their lives were turned upside down and turned into hell.GRISPI-KOMITEYA-SARA-A-Lİ-DİJI-TUNDİYA-LI-SER-JİNE-1-300x169

IS mercenaries used to impose themselves on society by killing, mutilating, kidnapping, and raping and both physical and spiritual torture, which had and continues to have a significant impact on people. Perhaps this was the first time in their lives, witnessing similar tragedies.

The most affected communities were the people of Al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The women and children who live in Ain Issa camp for the displaced are still in Ain Issa area in Girê Sipî / Tal Al-Abyad in the Euphrates region and despite their liberation which was imposed on them forcibly which hinders the course of the return of normal life, as it was before the emergence of Daesh.

To support women and children to get rid of that influence and thought, organization for violence against women in Qamişlo and Kobani launched an awareness campaign inside the camp.

In the context of the campaign, lectures were organized by women and children on how to get rid of the mentality and thought of mercenaries and to initiate a new life.

The campaign lasted 4 days and ended two days ago. The members of the movement were protesting in the context of the camp starting from 8:00 to 17:00 and giving lectures.

Their lectures were markedly interactive by women and children, joined in large numbers, and raised questions about how to build the future and a bright life away from murder and crime.