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Lift the debris from body of the Euphrates dam ready to be planted


AL-TABQA -After liberating al-Tabqa city by Syrian Democratic Foreces  (SDF)on May .2017 for the first time  Services office  belonging to People ‘s municipality in  al-Tabqa city  in cooperation  with the techinacal department of the Euphrates Dam started working on Lifting the rubble on the upper 3 Floors of the souther side and Launching the campaign afforestation of garden spread on the body of the damTIBQA-CSER ‫(35127810)‬ ‫‬

The accumulated debris was the result of the military operations in the city before defeated of IS gangs by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the result of the mines that the mercenaries had detonated inside the body of the dam, leading to major collapses in the infrastructure and the discharge of the Euphrates dam completely.

Work has started on removing the debris in the dam’s body immediately after removing the mines on the upper floors and being secured by engineering units in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Work is currently underway to remove the debris from the main entrance and collect it outside the building to be transferred later and in coincidence with the process of lifting the rubble, the workshops of the Department of Environment of the People’s Municipality  in al-Tabqa city equipped gardens, which mediate the clinics in the main road of the dam and the park located at the beginning of the Euphrates dam from the west.TIBQA-CSER ‫(35127809)‬ ‫‬

The services office will work to restore the sidewalks on both sides of the main road to the Euphrates dam and fill the holes in the road that by IS mercenaries  to create in order to fortify and protect themselves  during” Wrath Euphrates “campaign by (SDF)

It is worth mentioning that the People’s Municipality in al-Tabqa  city had earlier paved the northern entrance to the Euphrates dam with a distance of 300 meters, which received the largest part of the destruction as a result of its full blown and dug a trench on the road by IS gangs