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Lina Barakat: Iraqi Law 188 is form of violence against women

QAMIŞLO- “The modification of the Personal Status Law in Iraq is considered a form of systematic and deliberate violence against women, and a form of genocide against women,” Lina Barakat, the official spokeswoman in the Syrian Women Council said.

The official spokeswoman of the Syrian Women Council Lina Barakat commented in an interview with Hawar news agency on the initial approval of Iraqi Personal Status Law’s draft, number 188, by the Iraqi Parliament .

Lina Barakat said at the beginning of her speech that women have been subjected to serious violations over the past decades by the absurd wars which the area experienced and that left its impacts at many phenomena.

Lina has confirmed that Iraqi women suffered from the past Iraqi regime and even after 2003, starting with the American intervention in Iraq and followed with the escalation of currents and religious and sectarian movements to authority. Lina continued “The internal wars have left a clear impact on the fragmentation of the valuable stability system and the deterioration of ethical standards in addition to making life for Iraqi women darker”.

Lina Barakat explained that the modification of the Iraqi Personal Status Law is considered a kind of recourse to the rule of the communities in the determination of personal statuses affairs and the return of the impact of tribal customs and traditions in addition to making the Personal Status Law as an IS’s type.

At the end of her speech, the official spokesperson of the Syrian Women Council Lina Barakat pointed out that the adoption of such a law is one of the systematic and deliberate forms of violence and a form of genocide practiced against women because it deprives them of their childhood and living a free and dignified life. It also deprives them of their right in deciding her self-determination which is totally rejected and has very serious psychological and social repercussions.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Personal Status Law which has been approved initially  on its draft allows the marriage of underage girls who are at the age of 9 years, and persecutes the rights of women.